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Corporate Strategy & Development

  • For a global provider of corporate compliance, certification, and technical information services, facilitated a strategic planning process resulting in significant repositioning and portfolio rationalization.


  • For a scholarly society, analyzed the market position of its digital library, and explored sustainable journal/conference digital library strategies


  • For a global publishing group, assessed the opportunity for an investment to develop a media property serving the market for information about social innovation and entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges.

  •  For a diversified global publisher, assessed the strategic value of a proposed $2 billion acquisition in law publishing, facilitating a transformative transaction.


  • For a provider of facilities management and construction workflow, data, and services, developed strategies to leverage acquired businesses and enter new vertical markets.

  • For a major information technology provider, surveyed the largest educational publishers to identify inhibitions to the development of eLearning markets and opportunities to bring joint value propositions to educational institutions.

  • For an international religious publisher, analyzed the likely impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on demand for religious publications and other materials, and identified opportunities for investment in initiatives to serve clergy and congregant needs more effectively in the post-pandemic environment.

Organizational Alignment

  • For a scientific society, conducted a strategic review of its publishing businesses including its information products portfolio, improved cross-business-unit collaboration, and prioritized new product investments.


  • For an educational and reference publisher, assessed the reference unit's strategic fit with its parent in light of its market position, opportunities to supplement curricular offerings, and the impacts of alternative futures for the public, K-12 and academic library markets.


  • For a multimedia B2B publisher, developed an organizational strategy balancing individual business units' unique digital advertising needs with the benefits of a more centralized platform.


  • For a not-for-profit membership organization supporting scholarly communication, assessed alternative strategies and potential vendors for providing a critical membership service.


  • For a global library services organization, conducted on-site operational reviews and in-depth interviews with directors of ARL libraries concerning unmet needs for management of digital archives.

  • For a publishing industry trade association, conducted a first-of-its kind study quantifying the return on investment in rights management solutions in the publishing enterprise.

Product Management

  • For a legal publisher, developed the commercial model for the launch of a major new online research platform.


  • For a commercial real estate information provider, redefined and re-launched a professional information product, employing a B2C marketing and distribution model.


  • For a leading science publisher, developed the business case for a new product addressing grant funding needs of researchers and research administrators, facilitating the successful launch of a major new product line.


  • For a membership-based advisory company, conducted research to understand the competitive dynamics and new product opportunities created by new models for technology advisory services.

  • For a leading standards development organization monetizing its platform to serve other SDO's, developed the strategy for further product development and market entry.


  • For a technology-focused journal publisher, conducted deep secondary research on trends in computing research supported by NSF, UKIP,  and EU funding to guide new title development.

Market Assessment

  • For a provider of digital historical collections, combined primary research with public data sources to size the potential market and identify areas of greatest near-term demand.


  • For a provider of medical reference information, interviewed chief medical information officers to assess the scope of opportunity and identify key requirements for entry to the market for EHR-integrated clinical decision support solutions.


  • For a provider of facilities planning benchmarking and advisory services, identified the most promising adjacent vertical markets and their entry requirements.


  • For a science journal publisher, illuminated trends in spending by science marketers, especially regarding consultative, solutions-oriented advertising and marketing approaches. 

  • For a major provider of chemical information services, conducted primary and secondary research to identify key trends in pharma industry R&D organizational structures, research approaches, and information needs.

  • For a leading journal publisher, conducted research to assess the needs and preferences of scientists at different career stages for career-related information and guidance.

  • For an international science publisher, conducted research to confirm the market position and potential growth opportunities for a series of specialized society’s technical and regulatory guidance information products being considered for production and distribution.

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